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Empowering Your Legal Journey: Ask an Attorney at Cape Law (Part Four)

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Welcome to the fourth installment of our “Ask an Attorney” blog series. In previous parts, we introduced our new service, discussed common legal questions, and provided insights into various legal issues you might face. You can catch up on the earlier parts here:

Cape Law offers comprehensive legal assistance tailored to your specific needs. Our “Ask an Attorney” service connects you directly with experienced lawyers who can provide expert advice on various legal matters. Whether you need guidance on housing issues, contract disputes, or consumer rights, Cape Law is here to support you every step of the way.

In this part, we delve into new questions from our “Ask an Attorney” page and offer guidance on how to navigate these legal challenges.

Enforcing a Small Claims Judgment

If you’ve won a small claims case but need help enforcing the judgment, visit our resource. We provide steps on collecting the judgment and legal options if the defendant refuses to pay.

Breaking a Lease Due to Bed Bug Infestation

Facing a bed bug infestation and considering breaking your lease? Our resource outlines your rights and the proper procedures to protect yourself legally in Massachusetts.

Early Move-Out and Notice by Text

What happens if a tenant gives notice via text and moves out early? Check our answer on handling early lease termination and potential refunds.

Court Response Delays After Filing a Motion for a Virtual Hearing

If you’ve filed a motion for a virtual hearing but haven’t received a response, our resource covers the next steps and how to follow up effectively with the court.

eBay Motorcycle Purchase Issues

Dealing with an eBay seller who doesn’t have the title to the motorcycle? Learn about your legal options here.

Landlord Ignoring Demand Letters

If your landlord has ignored your demand letter, our instructions outline the legal actions you can take to ensure your rights are protected.

Non-Payment by an Entity to a Contractor

Contractors facing non-payment can explore legal steps to secure payment from an entity that owes them money.

Chargeback Fraud and Defamation by a Company

Businesses experiencing chargeback fraud or defamation can find legal actions to address these issues here.


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Collecting on Unpaid Verbal Loans

Read our answer on the necessary legal steps to collect on an unpaid loan made with a verbal agreement.

Mechanic Causing Further Damage

If a mechanic’s substandard work has caused additional damage to your car, see what can be done here.

Cease & Desist Letter Ignored

When a cease and desist letter is ignored, and harassment or false accusations continue, explore your legal options here.

Reimbursement for Defective Motor Installation

Are you wondering if you can be reimbursed for labor costs after installing a defective motor? Our resource provides the answers.

Venue Not Refunding Deposit

If a venue refuses to refund your deposit for a canceled event, learn about your rights and next steps here.

Claiming Lost Income for Substandard Mechanic Work

Find out if you can claim lost income against a mechanic for substandard work by reading our resource.

Tenant Rights for Alternative Housing

When your rental becomes uninhabitable, discover your rights to alternative housing here.

Stay tuned for Part Five, where we’ll tackle more pressing legal questions and provide valuable insights to empower your legal journey.